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Environmental group BAN Toxics together with the Philippine Fashion Week during the launch of
Compassionate Gold Jewelry Line held at Discovery Primea, Makati City


Nov. 26, 2018, Quezon City – Environmental justice group, BAN Toxics, in partnership with Philippine Fashion Week recently introduced a line of fashion jewelry made from ‘Compassionate Gold’ on November 23, 2018 during the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 in Makati.


Compassionate Gold, is BAN Toxics brainchild which features gold mined through legal methods that are not harmful to health and the environment, mercury-free, and child labor-free. The brand prides itself as a pioneering effort in the country and in the region, and with its connection to community based artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) communities where the gold is sourced.


Left to right: Ida Campo Irwin, Imelda Pechera, Lourdes ‘Cory’ Navarro

“BAN Toxics through the Compassionate Gold launch has showcased that responsible ASGM can co-exist with responsible stewardship of resources and toxics-free gold processing. It also exemplifies that human rights and good business are mutually supportive,” BAN Toxics Deputy Executive Director Mr. Reynaldo San Juan Jr. explained.

Left to right: Lulu Espino Ng, Mary Rose Go

In May 2018, BAN Toxics partnered with the Philippine Fashion Week to inform the public of the emerging brand of ‘responsible gold’ which aims to uplift the ASGM sector. “I am very proud that after the launching of Compassionate Gold, we have come so far as launching the first fashion jewelry line for the brand. This November, the dream of combining the two different worlds of fashion and small-scale mining has now been translated into reality.


To seal the pact, we invited our good friends from the fashion industry as guest models.” PhFW Founder Audie Espino said.


Left to right: Connie Guanzon Garcia, Corina Raemaekers, Dana Narvadez Silverio

Guest models during the event were: Ms. Imelda Pechera, Ms. Connie Guanzon Garcia, Ms. Mary Rose Go, Ms. Natasja Swart, Ms. Corina Raemaekers, Ms. Ida Campo Irwin, Ms. Dana Narvadez Silverio, Ms. Lulu Espino Ng, Ms. Victoria “Bingbing” Singson and Lourdes “Cory” Navarro.

Left to right: Natasja Swart, Victoria ‘Bingbing’ Singson

The first fashion jewelry line tagged as ‘Fashion Forward’ centered on modernizing Filipino traditions. The line featured designs of artisans Mr. Sonny Escio from Camarines Norte and Mr. Manny Halasan from Bulacan. Both came from at least three generations of Filipino jewelers. Some of the notable jewelry designs from the line are Maria Clara, Pinalay, and the Pearl of the Orient sets. The Sarimanok piece by Mr. Escio, which was worn by Senator Nancy Binay on one of her engagements during President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) last July, was also featured during the event.

“We in BAN Toxics cannot be happier that Compassionate Gold might be the standard of responsible gold jewelry in our country in the future. It is of utmost importance that eco-consciousness will be mainstreamed not only in mining but also in the fashion industry.” San Juan added.